About Mega Pets

Mega Pets, a state of the art pet boarding resort, is just the tonic your furry friend is in need of.

Renowned for our premium services and phenomenal caregiving, our luxurious pet boarding is for those furry friends who are accustomed to enjoying the indoor shade while also enjoying the freedom of running around outdoors and interacting with other friendly dogs and cats.

Mega Pets is not a kennel or cettery, we follow an ‘Anti-Tying’ policy and encourage all our wonderful furry guests to make use of our avant-garde playing area, swimming pool, hill, separate bathing area and ample space to run around, under the careful supervision of our experienced animal-loving staff, ensuring a sensational playing time.

Our efficient pickup and drop services are a phone call away, making the process incredibly tranquil.

We ensure that timid pets never feel threatened by larger animals, and there is plenty of space to roam around. We additionally offer personalized walks around the 4.5 acres property.

Zero Tolerance: Under no circumstances whatsoever do we promote TYING UP or BREEDING

Our Mission

Our purpose is to cater to the discerning tastes of pampered pets as well as transform the nature of lesser friendly pets.

We aim to blend our anti-tying policy and a lot of love and affection to achieve the pets:





Our Vision

Over our years of experience in the pet wellness sector, we have noticed two major problems for pet owners.

Rightly so, most animal lovers bring in a pet to be a part of their family and love to be the caregivers and medium to their furry friend’s happiness. However, on certain occasions, taking care of their pets could come in between other activities that the parents want to go for, be it a holiday, a business trip or just hitting the town for a while.

This is where our exemplary care and infrastructure would be the perfect resort to leave your dog or cat and carry on with your other chores, stress-free.

The other problem pet parents face is quality control at most pet boarding resorts. We have noticed most resorts running like a traditional kennel, where the furry friends are kept tied for long hours, made to follow a very strict and restricted schedule, given only a small area to play in and in some cases, have tick and flea infested settings.

Our architect has built our resort in a way where none of these problems would need to be worried about as we have constructed a big area for our furry guests to run around, and have their grooming taken care of et al.

When to Get in Touch

✔ I am looking for a cage-free environment for my pet.

✔ I am looking for affordable, personalized care for my pet.

✔ I have a senior pet who has special needs.

✔ I have a busy work schedule & need my pet taken care of while at work.