Dog Boarding

Our rates are fully inclusive of the following:

  • Comfortable indoor accommodation with 24x7 personal care
  • Daily exercise at our spacious outdoor roaming area
  • Supervised group play sessions with other dogs of similar temperament
  • Group play sessions under the supervision of our experienced carers
  • Documented 'nose to tail' health check and weighing of your pet on arrival
  • 2 nutritious daily meals with a snack in between
  • Bath, blow dry and brush at regular intervals

Cat Boarding

Our rates are fully inclusive of the following:

  • New and modern cattery accommodation
  • Secured indoor room with multiple levels to climb through
  • Scratching post
  • Group play sessions under the supervision of our experienced carers
  • 2 fresh daily meals of wet and dry food
  • Enrichment toys
  • Outdoor play area with a secure net

Pet Day Care

We understand how busy life can get. There is no need for your pet to spend all day at home, lonely and bored while you are busy getting your jobs done.

Furry guests who choose to spend the day with us benefit from supervised, social interaction with other furry friends grouped in similar size and activity levels, as well as one on one play time and lots of cuddles from our highly trained carers in our outdoor play area, which ensure a fun filled day for all.

Comfortable beds and quiet time is made available for those guests needing an afternoon nap.
A behaviour check is conducted for all new dogs and cats

In day care bookings, the pet can stay at our facility for a maximum of 10 hours

Dog Walking

It is highly recommended by most canine experts for dogs to have a minimum of 1-hour walk, if not then they have a high chance of being overweight.

Dog walks can also stop behavioral problems like aggression. They need physical activity to assert their energy in, or they will resort to other factors to clear up their energy, such as destructive or disobedient behavior.

Any parents who would like their dog to be taken for an hour’s walk around the 4.5 acres of land may sign up for it at an additional charge. You can choose how many days a week you would like your dog to be walked.

Pet Grooming

For our residential boarders, we provide a complimentary bath on regular intervals.

If you have a pet that is not boarding with us, you may bring the pet to our venue, where our groomer will give him/her a bath and grooming at our specifically assigned bathing area.

We also do home visits at an additional charge.

Our pet grooming package includes:

Warm Bath

Blow dry

Nail clipping

Ear cleansing

Light brushing


Pet Taxi

We offer to transport your pet to and from the resort and your home in our air-conditioned car.

How we do it:

  • Our pet shuttle operates 7 days a week and we take bookings 24 hours a day
  • The chauffer will send the pet parent a call/SMS/WhatsApp 60 minutes before arriving
  • Let us know if there are any special instructions
  • Group play sessions under the supervision of our experienced carers
  • We will send you an SMS or image through WhatsApp that your pet has reached the destination safely
  • Refrain from feeding your pet prior to transportation